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hair products
At Salon Haze, each client is treated to a unique, personalized service. We believe that every client that comes into our salon is a potential masterpiece: a canvas to be visualized, created, and/or enhanced. And, like a work of art, every client is valued and taken care of. That is why we only use the best products in our salon including products from Revlon Style Master, Kerastase, American Crew and QT Performance.
Style Masters
Revlon Professional is a reference brand in the world of professional hairdressing. Style Masters is a new range of professional styling products “made by hairstylists for hairstylists”, backed by the guarantee of Revlon Professional brand.
Hair Care
With sensual textures, distinctive fragrances and the most exceptional formulas, Kérastase offers a collection of home-care ranges to meet the needs of every hair type. Kérastase immediately deliver visible results leaving hair in immaculate condition, with exceptional texture and shine.
Crew Hair
American Crew is more than just a lifestyle brand or a salon supplier. It's a landmark in the history of men's grooming. It's the leading salon brand created for men specifically to meet the needs of stylists.
One use of QT Performance’s products will expose you to the true meaning of quality hair styling; Their products aren’t simply a tool; it’s a metamorphosis of lifestyle: simply for those who seek continual satisfaction; for those who want to see and feel the difference."