The word balayage is a French word meaning to paint. This technique is done by free hand painting on the surface of the hair. The ends of the hair are more saturated with product and is diffused and feathered up into the mids/roots depending on how high you like your balayage to start. This technique is considered low maintanince and can be done on dark or light color hair and all hair lengths except for pixie short hair. The technique also gives a less noticeable regrow lines allowing the color to last longer which is perfect for lower maintanence clients as well.

Balayage can be catered to each client, it can be as natural
or as dramatic as the client wants.

Booking a consultation with one of our stylist to choose the perfect shade is ideal considering more drastic/ more contrasting colors may take a few sessions to achieve. Even though the technique is low maintenance home care is still recommended for maintaining the longevity of color. Also with more drastic colors that have to be lightened a few times a home care regimen is also recommended to restore and reconstruct the hairs health at home.



Q. What’s the difference between balayage and ombre?

A. Ombre is more of a solid light color fading up. Whereas balayage has some darker (natural) color In between blending up

Q. How long does a balayage service take?

A. It really depends on what your current hair color is and what your desired color is. If your current color is dark and your desired color is light it can take up to multiple sessions to achieve. In some instances if your hair is previously colored it can be deemed as a color correction which you would need to discuss with your stylist to have a plan set to get to your desired color.

Q. How much does balayage cost?

A. The cost of balayage can range depending on how long and thick your hair is and how light your desired color is, again achieving a certain lightness can take multiple sessions. We strongly recommend coming in for a complementary consultations with one of our stylist to give you a better idea of pricing.

Q. What is the maintenance on balayage?

A. The great thing about balayage and ombre is that the color technique is a very low maintenance technique, which means it allows you to go longer In Between color services. again depending on how fast your hair grows and how you take care of your hair with professional home care products.

Q. What kind of home care products do I need?

A. Depending on your desired color your stylist will recommend certain professional home care products that cater to your hair and color. We suggest you use what your stylist recommends to prolong your color results as well as keeping your hair healthy. We do not stand behind our work if you don’t use what we recommend.

Q. How much does balayage cost?

A. Every client’s balayage service will be different. We do recommend you come in for a complementary consultation with a stylist to get a proper quote. It is hard to quote over the phone because each client has different hair type and different initial start color and desired color as well as different lengths,and density. Also depending on if you need multiple sessions or not . Prices also range depending on junior stylist, senior stylist or master colorist.

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